Master Cleanse Day 10!

Bam! Master Cleanse day 10. I didn’t eat food for 10 days, what a weirdo. Drank 3 drinks today, I needed more lemons again to make the last three drinks. Instead I decided that I had had enough and went to my favorite sushi restaurant and got a miso soup, 2 nigiri and a glass of vino. I did go to the store and got freshly squeezed orange juice for tomorrow and veggies and veggie base to make a soup for tomorrow as well. I also made brownies for Monkey (I didn’t eat any). Oh, and we saw this ice tree!

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Tomorrow I plan on drinking the oj during the day and making a veggie broth soup. I will add body measurements too!


❤ Shel


Master Cleanse Days 8 AND 9!

Master Cleanse day 8 complete! I’m over these drinks, they’re so tart, acidy, make my mouth dry. Got 5 down, didn’t feel like making/drinking a 6th today. I miss cooking! Almost to the end!

Master Cleanse day 9 complete! Not too much going on these last two days. Drank 6 drinks today, one more day! These last few days I’ve been trying to stick to more of a schedule: drink laxative tea first thing after waking up with a water, one hr later first lemonade drink, then try to drink one every two hrs. I thought that would make me less hungry but I haven’t really noticed a difference.


❤ Shel

Master Cleanse Day 7


Made it through day 7, a whole week without food. Honestly, if it wasn’t for this blog I probably would lose track as to how many days its actually been. I didn’t think I’d last this long, did you guys?? I went to the health food store today to get “proper” syrup and I avoided all of the nice healthy food. I’m glad I don’t have a sweet tooth at all because they have a lot of baked fresh daily baked goods. The first half of the day I was actually thinking that I was going to make it all the way through this cleanse! Drank all 6 drinks today but I was really hungry in the evening throughout the night. I was feeling like I was about done and (again) I wanted McDonalds. No idea why I constantly want this lately but I do. The slightly discouraging thing is that if I do go until day 10 I still don’t get to eat because I have to wean off of the cleanse.

Weaning off:

  • Day 11- drink only fresh squeezed orange juice (diluted with water if needed)
  • Day 12- fresh squeezed orange juice in the morning, make a vegetarian soup of dehydrated vegetable powders and many fresh vegetables. Drink broth for lunch with only a  few vegetables. Eat soup for dinner as well.
  • Day 13-  Juice, vegetable soup for lunch this time eating all of the vegetables. For dinner eat a vegetable salad with light dressing and either brown rice or quinoa with steamed vegetables.

So basically if I make it I’ll have been vegetarian for 17.5 days (remember the bacon incident?). This would be the longest I have ever gone without meat. As of right now I do not have plans to stay vegetarian but I would like to try to eat healthier and start exercising. The problem with working out is that I am lazy haha. This will also probably be a struggle because I’m such an inner fat kid. Stick with me kids, let’s see how this goes 😉


❤ Shel

Master Cleanse Day 6: My Mom Thinks I’m Going To Turn Anorexic


Day 6 down! I’ve been noticing these last few days that I have become kind of scatterbrained. Like I look for stuff in the wrong places, jumble my words, etc. I measured out water for a drink in a measuring cup and then I catch myself pouring in my cup straight from the water pitcher, stuff like that. I only got down 5 drinks today. I ran out of my local, organic, grade B, formaldehyde free maple syrup (yeah, it’s ridic) and the health food store was closed so I ventured to Marsh. I tried to keep my eyes on the prize and stay focused and I didn’t buy anything besides another bag of organic lemons and syrup, oh and a food magazine. They didn’t have the syrup that I needed so I ended up getting the best thing I could find which was an all natural grade A to get me through the rest of the evening until I could go to the health food store tomorrow. I really, really wanted McDonalds tonight. Like I even thought that if I went to McDonalds then I wouldn’t even have to go to Marsh. I was even stopped at a light right in front of one on my way to the gas station, I sat staring longingly knowing that a Big Mac could be in my mouth in around 5 minutes…. sigh. I have also been realizing how much of my social life revolves around food/drinks. I have found myself not wanting to really do anything since on this cleanse. I think it would suck to be at a restaurant and not eat or drink anything. I didn’t even really want to go to the movies because my  new thing is going to the theatres that have servers that serve you food/drinks to your seats. :/

Oh yeah, and my mom thinks this cleanse is unhealthy and that I’m going to turn anorexic. Haha

Any questions welcome!

❤ Shel


Master Cleanse Day 5- How Am I Alive??

Master Cleanse day 5 completed! Can you guys believe it? I can’t. Okay, I’d say today I’ve had the most energy of all the days so far. Calm down, I’m not going to get into the mumbo jumbo crap like “I feel euphoric, energized, revitalized” no, basically I just don’t feel as much like death as I did before. I did have a little bit of stomach cramping but I made the changes from yesterday and they are much, much better. Back to being hungry again. I think I’m actually getting used to feeling hungry at this point. 6 drinks down today.

Here is a list of good things about this cleanse:

  1. There aren’t many dishes to do.

Okay, there are more benefits, I know haha. Tonight I craved some vino. When Monkey works late like tonight I usually grab some sushi, have some vino and watch something like Pretty Woman. I have a list going on my phone of stuff that I want to cook when this is over. It is growing rapidly!

Ever had your phone in your pocket and think it vibrates only to take it out and realize that it was just your stomach growling? Ever do that twice in like 20 minutes?

Maybe these drinks will taste better out of my favorite cup……



Any questions you have don’t hesitate to ask!

❤ Shel

Master Cleanse Day 4 (Okay, I wasn’t dead before but I’m dying now)

Master Cleanse day 4 complete. This ties day 1 with the worst day yet! Woo hoo!

Ever have to turn your shower off and go lay in bed for 20 minutes because your stomach cramps were so bad? It’s fun. Oh yeah, and I forgot a towel (insert obscenities here). For the first half of the day every time I drank a lemonade I got really bad stomach cramps, like I felt like I was in labor or something (if I knew what labor felt like). All moms hate me for a second for comparing this to childbirth… After doing some research I read that I needed to drink more water, steep laxative tea for a shorter time and add water to it. If this continues I may have to stop the cleanse, I’m not sure if it’s making  me sick or my body just isn’t agreeing to it or what. We shall see. I read that this is normal but I feel like they shouldn’t be so severe. So actually today I felt sick all day I didn’t even really want food much. I didn’t even want to go used record shopping with my friend Stinky (I’m always down to go used record shopping). I managed 6 drinks down.


❤ Shel

Master Cleanse Day 3

UGHHHHHHHHHH! Day 3 Master Cleanse completed. So from what I’ve heard once you get passed day 3 your hunger subsides and you begin to get your energy back. Eh, nope. I really almost ate for real today, like for real.

Screen shot of my phone


But then I figured that food would probably make me sick at this point. I had bad stomach cramps today which is normal due to my colon cleansing. Not fun. Not fun at all. Like it sucks. I needed more organic lemons but honestly I felt if I went to the grocery store I’d probably be thrown out for eating the food off the shelves so thankfully the boyfriend went for me. I’m sick of calling him “the boyfriend”, let’s call him by his name from now on, Monkey. I managed 6 drinks down today, I feel very robotic like while making and drinking them at this point. I have been living vicariously through cooking shows today, I want to eat and make everything I see even if I don’t like something I don’t care I still want it. Since food is such a huge part of my life my dvr is always full of cooking shows which I’m not sure is a good choice right now but oh well. Hmmm that could be why I seriously almost ate…..  They say when you’re hungry to just drink a lemonade but they are so unsatisfying and do nothing for my hunger, I am still just as hungry after drinking them. Oh yeah, and they’re gross. I know, I know, boo hoo you’re on a cleanse so don’t whine that you’re hungry but I really didn’t expect to be so hungry so bear with me.

Questions, I’m here.

❤ Shel