Plated Review

I have excitedly waiting for my first Plated order to arrive and it did! For those of you who are unfamiliar with Plated it is a website where you can choose a meal, order it and everything comes shipped to you to cook it. All the ingredients, the recipe, etc.

I saw this on Shark Tank and was intrigued. I then saw the promo code GETPLATED for 4 free plates and definitely wanted to try it, I just had to pay $20 for shipping which means my plates cost $5 each instead of the non-member price of around $15 each.

My package arrived right on time on the day I chose. Everything was packaged superbly with ice packs and an insulated bag organized by meal type. Every item was fresh, all the proteins, herbs, everything.

The first meal I tried was 2 plates of their Spice-Rubbed Steak with Roasted Carrots and Israeli Couscous. I had all the ingredients there ready to go and all measured out for me. The instructions were simple and easy to follow. I especially liked that there was a picture showing each step. You could also watch a video as you cook but I was fine with just reading it. The meal came out great, tasted great, no problems cooking. I liked the included calorie information as well.
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Minor Downsides:
The recipe shows lots of baby carrots with their cute little tops on and I did not receive those. I received a bag of 3 large ordinary carrots which I felt made for a less appealing presentation. I cut them smaller to resemble the baby carrots more but I chose that picture when I ordered it and expected to receive exactly what I chose. Not a big deal but still. The honey was a diner style Smuckers which wasn’t too impressive. Also, the recipe said it took 30-40 minutes to cook but the steak had the option to marinade for up to one hour which I didn’t take into consideration into my cooking time. I cooked this in a leisurely manner and it probably took around an hour.
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The portions were surprisingly plentiful. I could not even finish my plate and I already had some leftovers before I plated so if you’re worried the portions will be skimpy because they’re measured out precisely I wouldn’t.

This was fun to try, I still have another recipe to make which I will review as well. However, it is pricey. My meal would have cost around $30 but I am only cooking for 2 people so a family of 4 would cost around $60 for 4 plates and you still have to then cook it. So far I would order again if I was offered another deal.

Here’s the site if you’d like to check it out, I believe they have a special going on right now to get your first order free and just pay shipping. If you want to order it’d be super cool to let me know because you get free plates for referring people 🙂

Questions? Thoughts?

❤ Shel


Give Me The Beef….And Hog

I don’t eat a whole lot of red meat but when I’m in the mood to cook steak I usually get one nice one and grill it and slice it thin for two portions.

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Yes, I like my steak on the rare side 😉 This was grilled ribeye over baby spinach with roasted asparagus, roasted russet and sweet potatoes and roasted bell pepper.

This was another dish I made recently.

Spinach and Brie Stuffed Pork Chop Over Mashed Potatoes

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Oh how I do love mashed potatoes. If you’d like a full recipe let me know but I basically did this:

Stuffed pork chops with a mixture of:

Brie cheese, thawed frozen spinach, garlic, sundried tomatoes and cooked. To the pan afterwards I added some lemon juice and chicken stock and reduced and served over mashed potatoes.

Questions? Thoughts?

❤ Shel