Oil Pulling & I Think I’m Falling Off The Wagon……

Oil Pulling Day 2:
Went well, I woke up and did it before work first thing after waking up. I took in a bit less oil and it was better than day 1. I found the 20 minutes to go by fairly fast, I set a timer on my phone and since I had just woken up I busied myself with checking my emails, social media, and general news websites I frequent.

Oil Pulling Day 3:
Went well, I am actually not minding it at all. I don’t find it overwhelming like I did day one, the taste I might actually say I find enjoyable. I haven’t had any issues at all, no issues with accidentally swallowing. So far so good.

Oh yeah…. So since before I did the Master Cleanse I was drinking one Pepsi a day, which I really enjoyed. I cut that all out completely as well as caffeine and since I have never been a coffee drinker I didn’t find it to be too excruciating. But now I’ve been in a new job for almost a month and I just feel like I need something to keep my energy up. For the first 3 weeks I was drinking natural juices with fruit and vegetable servings and natural energy from tea included but I broke down this week and got McDonalds before work……twice…… :/
I know, I drive right past one everyday on my way to work and the thought of that large coke was just too tempting for me after weeks of driving past. Each time I got a large coke and ate just half a sandwich which I don’t think is terribly bad but still not ideal.
I’ve told you guys before it’s hard to turn a fat kid straight……Okay, I went into Whole Foods with a large coke from McDonalds poured into a re-usable cup that pretty much could’ve passed for a super healthy dark veggie juice or tea….. sigh…. okay, okay I did this twice….
Well, it gets worse….
I was so tired from working one night this week I picked up a frozen pizza and box of chicken wings for dinner…from Walgreens…. and for the first time in 4 months I bought Pepsi for home…
Hence the title that I feel like I’m falling off the wagon! I feel like I’m half one person and half another sometimes. On one hand I’m buying organic grass fed beef but then on the other hand I eat a little bit of McDonalds! I drink servings of fruit and vegetables but then I drink a pepsi like I’m drinking liquid diamonds!

Any healthy energy tips?
Questions? Thoughts?
❤ Shel



  1. Large glass of ice water right when you wake up, freezing cold. It drops your core temperature, thus kicking your metabolism in to high gear, giving you natural energy. Combined with an apple, you get more from that than a cup of coffee

    what kind of work do you do? Is it more physical or office work?

    When you eat unhealthy, mix in something healthy. Having a salad with pizza isn’t the end of the world bc you’ll eat less pizza, practice this over time and your body will start to crave the good vs the bad.

    Environment makes a big difference as well, if you’re not surrounded by like minded healthy people or situations, its easy to slip.

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to write that 🙂 I am a food specialist so no definitely not an office job, I’m running around half the time and standing and doing food production the other half. I do mix in something healthy most times which makes me feel better. You have great advice but I’ve started oil pulling first thing when waking up when bacteria is at it’s highest so I’m not sure the ice cold water and apple would be a fit right now. I do not like coffee, never have.

      • I did oil pulling about 2 years ago and its kind of one of those things where you don’t exactly know if it’s working or not. Plus things can get pretty bad in your bronchial tree if you ingest any of it. In the end, I’m rather positive this will just be a fad. People have been doing it but my guess is some celebrity mentioned they do it in some online health interview and now everyone is flipping their shit thinking its the be all end all.

        This may be a bit long and a bit hippie-ish: there have been studies done that involve water, with good energy and bad energy. Scientists took water and played peaceful music and were kind, positive, and gracious around it while the other water they played death metal and were negative and hurtful around the water. They then take the water and made snowflakes out of them. The end result was the positive water made this ridiculously beautiful and unique snowflakes while the bad energy snowflakes were distorted and ugly. The way I see it, if your body is about 60% water, think of how powerful it can be inside your body, its essential to every function in your body. This also tells me that positive and negative energy exist and should be valued.

        then there are sleep habits that are vital, stress, working out, etc. If you eat healthy for 2 weeks then eat a burger at McDonald’s, you’re shocking your system and its like eating a rock covered in sleeping potion. But you also shouldn’t deny yourself of certain cravings, those will grow and turn in to a 2am gorge fest.

        For people to truly change, you have to look at all facets of life like, are you surrounded by healthy and happy relationships, are you stressed or holding on to negative energy, are you just happy in general. You can do all the right things but if your heart and brain are not in the right place, every thing else falls out of place. You just have to listen to your body and if you think something isn’t working, then stop doing it and do something that feels right. In my opinion, energy is that important to our body and soul.

        Lastly, if you crave pop, try just swishing and spitting. You’ll get the taste but more importantly you’ll get some caffeine in your system.

        Sorry about the insanely long comment, I love talking about these things and sharing what I’ve picked up along the way.

      • Oh and this just hit me. You can still do oil pulling and utilize the power of your metabolisn by showering in the morning and at the end just blast yourself with cold water. Drops your core temp, kicks in your metabolism. You’ll never feel so awake! Unpleasant but effective.

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