Plated Review 2

So I got my first Plated order yesterday and tonight I made my last two plates of a different meal. If you didn’t read yesterdays post here’s a link to explain Plated and their food delivery service.

Today’s dish was Sicilian Style Swordfish with Parsley Garlic Potatoes

I can say that I don’t have one complaint about the ingredients, the quality is great, fresh, herbs show wilting so fast and the fresh basil and parsley were perfect.
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This recipe required a bit more prep than yesterday’s but I didn’t mind.
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The recipe was straight to the point and I felt it to be easy and enjoyable. I would say this dish was restaurant quality.
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Any downsides?
I would say that the 30-40 minute time was a little off, but when I cook at home I do not rush. The potatoes needed to roast for 25 minutes after every ingredient was prepped and then plating time. Again, like yesterday’s post I find it pricey. But I can now appreciate this company after doing it for two days.
I have the food knowledhe to know that pieces of fish range in size and had to cook accordingly, some people may not be trained to do so. As well as the potatoes, some were so small they could be left whole, some halved, some quartered, etc.

I had everything I needed fresh and on hand
I didn’t have to go to a store
I didn’t have to try to plan a meal
If someone has limited time to plan out a meal and shop but they do have that one hour or so to still be involved in cooking this is a great option.
If someone has limited food skills/knowledge this is great because they don’t have to worry about what goes with what, etc (I’ve literally had someone express their anxiety over what constitutes as a pinch of salt) so having everything ready for them is a plus. They could even watch videos.
I like calorie content displayed.

Even though this was a fish dish the portions were still very plentiful. Two people couldn’t even finish their plates and there were some leftovers before plating.
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I’d gladly review more, send them my way Plated! πŸ™‚

Questions? Thoughts?

❀ Shel




  1. This is an interesting idea! I think like you said it would be a bit too pricey for me, especially since it would have to be shipped to HI; but for one or two weeks when I know I will pressed for time I think it would be a great option as opposed to eating out (and healthier), and would cost about the same.

    • It’s definitely something new and fun to try. And actually the shipping cost was one flat rate so I don’t think shipping to HI would even be a factor. If you do decide to try it and get your first time user meals free with just paying shipping I’d love to know what you thought of it and if we shared some same thoughts and experience

  2. Sweet job on the tags. You should check out some research on posting times, share times, tweet times, etc.

    blogs are most typically read in the mornings, mondays being the best days but thursdays are the best days for sharing. Tweets get the most response during commute and lunch hours.

    Also, if you post more than once a day, you generate a higher chance of inbound links and unique views.

    One nice thing you can do to manage posts and publish more than 1 in a day is to plan out what you want to do a week ahead and spend a day on the weekend writing them all out but saving them as drafts. Then you can strategically post them with ease throughout the week.

    But yea, plated is awesome, I saw the guys on shark tank a few weeks back, sounds like they’ll need more chefs to build their offerings as they grow out in that new direct to door space.

    • Thank you for taking the time to write that πŸ™‚ I took your advice and wrote a few posts at once when I had time and scheduled them to automatically post the next few mornings, it also took the pressure of finding time to write each day and I agree that I do find I get more hits earlier in the day so if I hadn’t gotten the time to write and post one earlier then I find that I tend to just skip that day entirely.

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