Are Ronald and Shel Back Together??

Okay I’ve eaten McDonalds two times in the last two weeks…. Turning a fat kid straight isn’t easy.
The first time it was after 4oclock and I hadn’t eaten a single thing yet and was driving so I was weak and gave in. I had really been craving a coke (I even dreamed about it, no joke) and was excited to drink it. The first sip I took actually hurt my throat and I burped immediately after (sexy). I ate half of a McChicken and had a handful of fries. I did feel guilty as I waited in the drive thru but oh well.
The second time I was running around and just picked it up for dinner, I swear I think the thought of that large coke is what really does me in. I haven’t gone back to Big Mac status yet….

I feel like since I cut out my one caffeinated pop (Chicagoans call it pop, not soda) a day and have never been a coffee drinker that I need something to get through work so I’m going to look at different cold tea options maybe. Something with a little caffeine, I haven’t drank caffeine regularly since before my Master Cleanse 3 months ago, any suggestions or recommendations?


Thoughts? Questions?

❤ Shel




  1. Hey Foodie, we hooked up via wordpress, I run the Natural Health Bohemian blog. I don’t know if this reply will reach you, so please let me know if it does. If I don’t here from you I will assume it didn’t work and try going through your blog. It’s amazing how conditioned we are to eat unhealthy food! I think there’s very few people on the planet, or at least in America, that don’t struggle with this dilemma. As a healthcare provider, what I’ve observed is that like alcoholism, when it comes to changing one’s diet for “the better”, many folks need a 12 step program like Alcoholics Anonymous to overcome the addiction, but…, will rarely, if ever take it to that extreme to become healthier. It’s quit a conundrum. I liken it to the five stages of grief or loss when one tries to let go of their fav foods. And you came up with the ever popular “bad boy” attraction with Ronald. One could even like Ronald as a drug pusher that we seek back to occasionally. I love Jim Gaffigan the standup comedian’s segment on McDonald’s food, it’s hilarious. Let us know how it turns out with Ron. BTW a great read for healthy change, “Eat To Live” by Joel Fuhrman, MDCiao

  2. If you want to grow this out and increase your visibility, you need to do a couple things.

    1. Spend the money on a url more relevant to what you’re trying to do here. Is this just a personal blog? Are you sharing your journey to becoming a chef? Are you just looking to list recipe ideas, etc? A subdomain on is going to get lost in everything. Buy a domain and redirect it to this page, a quick google search will help you understand this more.

    2. Tag and categorize more effectively. Giving the user a second tier of navigation with more relevant content will make them want to navigate to other articles relating to those tags. Also tags are picked up for optimization, so if the main content of your blog is McDonald’s, then tag it, as well as other relevant words/topics in your post. But don’t make your tags more than 2 words or more complex words that are not likely to be searched by a user.

    3. The more you interact with other blogs/bloggers the more visitors you’ll get in return. By commenting with relevant information and showing your site address the more interest you’ll get in return, as well as potentially having your content shared by larger blogs.

    Just some friendly tips to help you out. WordPress is highly effective and has endless possibilities.

    • Thanks so much for taking the time to write that 🙂 I do try to tag relevant words but I suppose I could do more tagging, it couldn’t hurt right? I’ve never thought of purchasing a URL, I will have to research this idea. Apparently you think it will be an important contribution for more exposure? Thanks for the tips, I appreciate the feedback 😉

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