-Chick Fil A Enter Butter & Hollandaise

So the Chick Fil A dinner party was canceled, phew! Poor Monkey accidentally soaked his contacts in Bactine disinfectant overnight instead of contact solution resulting in no fun the next day when he put them in his eyes. So he canceled due to his burning, swollen eyes. Although I might not have looked so weird after all with him wearing sunglasses there at night.

I realized that trying to eat low fat while your boyfriend has a bowl of hollandaise and a bowl of clarified butter in the fridge could possibly pose as a challenge. A few nights ago he made me salmon poached in white wine with a blood orange hollandaise (yum) and the leftovers have been staring at me in the fridge now. As a result I made this and it was so good I could drool thinking about it.


Sautéed garlic spinach topped with a paprika poached egg and blood orange hollandaise. There are few things in life that get me more excited than a runny egg yolk. Like for real. Okay, maybe bone marrow.

Went out to dinner last night for the first time since the sushi post Master Cleanse, I did well. I looked at the restaurant’s nutritional facts before going and picked the lowest calorie entrée that sounded good to me: Grilled chicken with a mushroom sauce and broccoli and potatoes. Plus I only ate half of it. I did not partake in the giant nacho tower that was ordered as an appetizer. I was going to get a steak but I would’ve ordered in with a gorgonzola cheese glaze and I knew that would be like over 300 more calories. No dessert (never do anyway) wine was my dessert 😉

I’ve been changing around some recipes to make them healthier, I’ll be posting some. I also started buying low fat items vs regular which I’ve never done before. Just trying to be healthier overall. Oh, and I haven’t had pop since the cleanse either (I used to have one Pepsi a day). I haven’t worked out since the sad yoga attempt, I promise I’ll go do that right now!

Questions? Comments? Requests?

❤ Shel



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