Chick Fil A Dinner Party???!

So Monkey has a friend who is married with 3 kids (two twin toddlers!) I have never met this friend (I don’t think he gets out much). So he invited us over for dinner and said he would “order a big spread from Chick Fil A”

Why this is a problem is that since coming off of the Master Cleanse I have not eaten fast food (nor do I want to) and I’m also trying to eat as little processed and high fat foods as I can as well.

But since I have never met these people I don’t want to:

  1. Seem rude if I don’t go because I do think it was a really nice gesture
  2. Seem rude if I do go and don’t eat
  3. Seem like a weirdo

“What happened to my girlfriend who used to love Big Macs?”

– Monkey

Help! Advice? Thoughts?

❤ Shel




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