Post Master Cleanse Day 3

My appetite is still small but my headache since coming off the cleanse is finally gone! I had freshly squeezed oj and for lunch a hardboiled egg and some raw cherry tomatoes and hummus. A friend came over and attempted to teach me yoga haha I stink but hey, at least I tried (kind of). We took a short walk as well to a record store. My plan for dinner was to make a salad at the salad bar a grocery store near me has but it took forever to dig my car out of the snow and by the time I got there the bar was closed :/ So I made breakfast for dinner, I didn’t eat a large amount I find myself getting full a lot faster than before the cleanse. If you haven’t noticed I eat a lot of eggs! Love them all ways.

Have any of your favorite healthy recipes to share?


❤ Shel



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