Post Master Cleanse Day 1 & Body Measurements

I’m not sure if eating soup, sushi, and vino last night was such a good idea. I had a headache from the time I woke up til I went to bed :/ My stomach hurt as well. I did not miss the laxative tea or lemonade drinks one bit! I drank freshly squeezed orange juice all day and then I made a broth veggie soup. I was planning on eating either the soup one more time or veggies and brown rice but I was so full before even finishing one bowl of soup. Without thinking I also started to eat one of the brownies I made, I have no idea why, I don’t even really like sweets. My body must just be confused. I’m going to try to do the same diet tomorrow as well. I think I’ll stick to vegetarian for a few days until I feel normal again.


Part of soup prep (I also added carrots and celery)

Body Measurements:

Chest Before: 34 3/4in     Chest After: 33.5in

Hips Before: 34.5in     Hips After: 34in

Thigh Before: 21.5in     Thigh After: 19.5in

Waist Before: 30in     Waist After: 28.5in

No, I haven’t worked out yet.


❤ Shel



  1. Well done! Yes I’ve had a headache today also, maybe it is because food has been introduced again. But I was thinking maybe it is lack of water. i realize without the juice i’m not drinking half as much. Did you drink as much liquid today as you did during the cleanse?

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