Master Cleanse Day 10!

Bam! Master Cleanse day 10. I didn’t eat food for 10 days, what a weirdo. Drank 3 drinks today, I needed more lemons again to make the last three drinks. Instead I decided that I had had enough and went to my favorite sushi restaurant and got a miso soup, 2 nigiri and a glass of vino. I did go to the store and got freshly squeezed orange juice for tomorrow and veggies and veggie base to make a soup for tomorrow as well. I also made brownies for Monkey (I didn’t eat any). Oh, and we saw this ice tree!

unnamedjjj unnamedkkkunnamedjkjj

Tomorrow I plan on drinking the oj during the day and making a veggie broth soup. I will add body measurements too!


❤ Shel



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