Master Cleanse Day 7


Made it through day 7, a whole week without food. Honestly, if it wasn’t for this blog I probably would lose track as to how many days its actually been. I didn’t think I’d last this long, did you guys?? I went to the health food store today to get “proper” syrup and I avoided all of the nice healthy food. I’m glad I don’t have a sweet tooth at all because they have a lot of baked fresh daily baked goods. The first half of the day I was actually thinking that I was going to make it all the way through this cleanse! Drank all 6 drinks today but I was really hungry in the evening throughout the night. I was feeling like I was about done and (again) I wanted McDonalds. No idea why I constantly want this lately but I do. The slightly discouraging thing is that if I do go until day 10 I still don’t get to eat because I have to wean off of the cleanse.

Weaning off:

  • Day 11- drink only fresh squeezed orange juice (diluted with water if needed)
  • Day 12- fresh squeezed orange juice in the morning, make a vegetarian soup of dehydrated vegetable powders and many fresh vegetables. Drink broth for lunch with only a  few vegetables. Eat soup for dinner as well.
  • Day 13-  Juice, vegetable soup for lunch this time eating all of the vegetables. For dinner eat a vegetable salad with light dressing and either brown rice or quinoa with steamed vegetables.

So basically if I make it I’ll have been vegetarian for 17.5 days (remember the bacon incident?). This would be the longest I have ever gone without meat. As of right now I do not have plans to stay vegetarian but I would like to try to eat healthier and start exercising. The problem with working out is that I am lazy haha. This will also probably be a struggle because I’m such an inner fat kid. Stick with me kids, let’s see how this goes 😉


❤ Shel



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