Master Cleanse Day 6: My Mom Thinks I’m Going To Turn Anorexic


Day 6 down! I’ve been noticing these last few days that I have become kind of scatterbrained. Like I look for stuff in the wrong places, jumble my words, etc. I measured out water for a drink in a measuring cup and then I catch myself pouring in my cup straight from the water pitcher, stuff like that. I only got down 5 drinks today. I ran out of my local, organic, grade B, formaldehyde free maple syrup (yeah, it’s ridic) and the health food store was closed so I ventured to Marsh. I tried to keep my eyes on the prize and stay focused and I didn’t buy anything besides another bag of organic lemons and syrup, oh and a food magazine. They didn’t have the syrup that I needed so I ended up getting the best thing I could find which was an all natural grade A to get me through the rest of the evening until I could go to the health food store tomorrow. I really, really wanted McDonalds tonight. Like I even thought that if I went to McDonalds then I wouldn’t even have to go to Marsh. I was even stopped at a light right in front of one on my way to the gas station, I sat staring longingly knowing that a Big Mac could be in my mouth in around 5 minutes…. sigh. I have also been realizing how much of my social life revolves around food/drinks. I have found myself not wanting to really do anything since on this cleanse. I think it would suck to be at a restaurant and not eat or drink anything. I didn’t even really want to go to the movies because my  new thing is going to the theatres that have servers that serve you food/drinks to your seats. :/

Oh yeah, and my mom thinks this cleanse is unhealthy and that I’m going to turn anorexic. Haha

Any questions welcome!

❤ Shel




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