Master Cleanse Day 5- How Am I Alive??

Master Cleanse day 5 completed! Can you guys believe it? I can’t. Okay, I’d say today I’ve had the most energy of all the days so far. Calm down, I’m not going to get into the mumbo jumbo crap like “I feel euphoric, energized, revitalized” no, basically I just don’t feel as much like death as I did before. I did have a little bit of stomach cramping but I made the changes from yesterday and they are much, much better. Back to being hungry again. I think I’m actually getting used to feeling hungry at this point. 6 drinks down today.

Here is a list of good things about this cleanse:

  1. There aren’t many dishes to do.

Okay, there are more benefits, I know haha. Tonight I craved some vino. When Monkey works late like tonight I usually grab some sushi, have some vino and watch something like Pretty Woman. I have a list going on my phone of stuff that I want to cook when this is over. It is growing rapidly!

Ever had your phone in your pocket and think it vibrates only to take it out and realize that it was just your stomach growling? Ever do that twice in like 20 minutes?

Maybe these drinks will taste better out of my favorite cup……



Any questions you have don’t hesitate to ask!

❤ Shel


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