Master Cleanse Day 4 (Okay, I wasn’t dead before but I’m dying now)

Master Cleanse day 4 complete. This ties day 1 with the worst day yet! Woo hoo!

Ever have to turn your shower off and go lay in bed for 20 minutes because your stomach cramps were so bad? It’s fun. Oh yeah, and I forgot a towel (insert obscenities here). For the first half of the day every time I drank a lemonade I got really bad stomach cramps, like I felt like I was in labor or something (if I knew what labor felt like). All moms hate me for a second for comparing this to childbirth… After doing some research I read that I needed to drink more water, steep laxative tea for a shorter time and add water to it. If this continues I may have to stop the cleanse, I’m not sure if it’s making  me sick or my body just isn’t agreeing to it or what. We shall see. I read that this is normal but I feel like they shouldn’t be so severe. So actually today I felt sick all day I didn’t even really want food much. I didn’t even want to go used record shopping with my friend Stinky (I’m always down to go used record shopping). I managed 6 drinks down.


❤ Shel



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