Master Cleanse Day 3

UGHHHHHHHHHH! Day 3 Master Cleanse completed. So from what I’ve heard once you get passed day 3 your hunger subsides and you begin to get your energy back. Eh, nope. I really almost ate for real today, like for real.

Screen shot of my phone


But then I figured that food would probably make me sick at this point. I had bad stomach cramps today which is normal due to my colon cleansing. Not fun. Not fun at all. Like it sucks. I needed more organic lemons but honestly I felt if I went to the grocery store I’d probably be thrown out for eating the food off the shelves so thankfully the boyfriend went for me. I’m sick of calling him “the boyfriend”, let’s call him by his name from now on, Monkey. I managed 6 drinks down today, I feel very robotic like while making and drinking them at this point. I have been living vicariously through cooking shows today, I want to eat and make everything I see even if I don’t like something I don’t care I still want it. Since food is such a huge part of my life my dvr is always full of cooking shows which I’m not sure is a good choice right now but oh well. Hmmm that could be why I seriously almost ate…..  They say when you’re hungry to just drink a lemonade but they are so unsatisfying and do nothing for my hunger, I am still just as hungry after drinking them. Oh yeah, and they’re gross. I know, I know, boo hoo you’re on a cleanse so don’t whine that you’re hungry but I really didn’t expect to be so hungry so bear with me.

Questions, I’m here.

❤ Shel



    • It sounded like a good idea and I read the whole book first just to be sure if I was going to do it that I do it right or else there’s really no point. Since I do call myself an inner fat kid I have certainly had my share of fast food/processed food. I thought a nice clean detox would be good for me and then that could be the starting point to maybe want to try to eat healthier. If I lost a few lbs while in the process, that’s fine too. Thanks!

  1. I’d not heard of the Master Cleanse before, looks really challenging- so go you! How long does it last for? Are there any other non-food related aspects of the cleanse involved, i.e. yoga/meditation? I’ve heard taking Milk Thistle, and ‘Detox’ tea (by a company called Yogi tea) is great for banishing detox side effects. xxx

    • The Master Cleanse is supposed to be for 10 days. It was recommended that you go vegetarian for 4-5 days prior which I also did. If I make it to the end day 11 is only juice and day 12 is broth. The cleanse is either accompanied by a laxative tea or a salt water flush each morning. I chose the tea. I also included an herbal parasite cleanser on day 2 in pill form, it was recommended but not required. I read “The Complete Master Cleanse” by Tom Woloshyn before starting and it was very, very helpful. 🙂

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