Master Cleanse Day 2

Master Cleanse Day 2, I made it through and I’m still alive. Today was slightly better than yesterday, I am still hungry and lethargic. I also have been cold all day/night long. Those are normal side effects according to what I’ve read. So with feeling hungry, tired, cold, lethargic and overall blah I got this compliment from the boyfriend to add to my hotness “I love you but this isn’t doing anything for your breath”. (He’s a good guy, don’t worry) But….. this actually means that the cleanse has started working, bad breath and a white looking tongue is bacteria that is being released from my body. You can use a regular tongue scrapper for this and I already happened to have one.

The drinks are still not enjoyable to me but since cutting back on the cayenne they’re tolerable. I have also cut back very slightly on the maple syrup just for taste. The cayenne seems to sink to the bottom even after mixing so I have to drink the end like a paranoid weirdo to be sure I don’t end up with a mouthful of cayenne. I drank the required 6 drinks today.

I started the herbal parasite cleanser in pill form today as well.

I still want a steak, burger, mashed potatoes, mcdonalds, chicken nuggets, eggs, I’d pretty much eat anything.

I’m not sure how long I can do this and I’m really not sure how long I even want to do this.

Questions welcome, no filter.

❤ Shel




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