Master Cleanse Day 1. I’m dying…. I’m dead.


^ A photo of optimism

Oh you’re hungry?? Here, just drink this FIRE WATER!

After 4-5 days vegetarian to prepare for the Master Cleanse day 1 is finally here. Woke up feeling pretty good, the book says that if I’m hungry to simply just drink a lemonade drink…. the book sits on a throne of lies. Drank my laxative tea when I woke up, burned my tongue again, I don’t drink coffee so apparently I’m not used to drinking hot drinks. Then after about the recommended hour I made my first “lemonade drink” aka fire water. The organic lemons smelled good, shouldn’t be too bad. It sucks. It sucks bad. It was so hot I couldn’t even finish it. The maple syrup tastes pretty gross mixed with the other ingredients. Not to mention I am not really even a big fan of maple syrup to begin with. I don’t really like sweets much. Only a minimum of 5 more to go!

The second drink I cut back on the cayenne. Also, it did take me a while to choke down the first drink which in turn makes the cayenne steep and the drink gets progressively hotter. So I know now to drink it much faster, within 10 minutes. I want a steak.

This is a screen shot of my phone at 5 p.m.


I want a burger. Fried chicken. Stuff I don’t even eat I want, I want anything and everything. I don’t think I’m gonna make it. Who actually does this?? I want hibachi, a Whopper, a steak again, Portillos, oh Portillos, fried rice, a tenderloin sandwich, I want hummus and pita. A few times I thought “I can eat right now if I want to, I can just go and eat”. I can’t even keep track of my cravings anymore. I’m sure it’s part mental but I am just so hungry, my stomach has been growling since I woke up until I went to bed. The drinks don’t make my hunger go away. I have no energy, am totally lethargic as well. I ended up drinking 5 drinks, it’s all I could, and really the thought of the last one made me want to vom. I don’t think I’m going to make it guys……

At least I made it past 1/2 day and 1 day which some of you voted for!

Any questions are welcome, nothing is too personal, I am happy to answer any.

❤ Shel



  1. Good luck! IT is definitely shocking to your system at first! Definitely adjust the cayenne as needed and drink it quickly. Five sounds like the bottom of recommended amounts. Maybe you need to drink more? I basically drank whenever I was hungry – but still, it wasn’t satisfying! Very boring and annoying! The first time I did it, I felt awful the first couple days. If you can get to Day 3 ,its gets easier! Hang in there!

  2. I have a few friends who have done the master cleanse and one who did it for 30 days! I stayed with her for a weekend near the end of he fast and she was in a pretty funny headspace, sometimes euphoric and other times grouchier than I had ever seen her. She felt great after though.
    My husband and I do a week-long juice cleanse once a year. It’s not quite as hard as the master cleanse and we find it really effective–it cleans you out and after you are done you find yourself craving only healthy food for several weeks and sometimes even several months after, so it’s great to kick yourself into healthier eating patterns. Unless you live in a warm climate, it’s not recommended in the winter (when your body needs warming foods and the produce isn’t so fresh). I always find myself craving weird stuff, fried foods I don’t normally eat for example, at the beginning! Then near the end of the cleanse it’s always hard to convince myself to eat solid foods again.
    Good for you for doing this for yourself! You’e already gotten through the hardest part, which is always the beginning – I bet you will have forgotten all about food very soon. Good luck!

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