Pre Master Cleanse Vegetarian Days 3 & 4

Day 3 of going vegetarian before the Master Cleanse was a success!

Food Journal:

  • Juice
  • Crawfish etouffee with rice, bread
  • Salad with ginger dressing
  • Sushi: Scallop nigiri
  • Ika teriyaki (squid dish)

I was a bit hungry before I went to bed but I didn’t eat anything else. I figured the wine I had with my sushi had to have amped up my calorie intake right? Eating sushi while going vegetarian reminded me of the one time I got it right while my best friend Pnut (see, I even call my friends names of food) was a vegetarian for 3 years until fairly recently. I had previously brought a bacon dip to her house for a game night, oops! And one time I ordered a steak carpaccio for us to share during happy hour (raw steak, double oops). I finally got it right when I brought vino and a big sushi platter over! Okay, I’m not disclosing all the info, the sushi and wine may or may not have been for a Teen Mom viewing gathering….

I’ve decided to add an herbal parasite cleanser to my master cleanse, it’s not required but recommended. Why not get weirder?

Day 4

Not too much going on, vegetarian was a success today. Today was kind of a shmorgishborg/leftover day. I thought I should start cleaning out my fridge before I stop eating food.

Food Journal

  • Juice
  • Leftover ettouffee and pasta
  • hardboiled egg
  • Raw veggies and pecan blue cheese dip
  • Half of a baked potato (butter/sour cream)

One more day vegetarian! Okay, now I’m getting nervous, the no meat thing I can handle I don’t know what I’m going to do when I can’t eat any food at all……

❤ Shel


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