Pre Master Cleanse Vegetarian Day 1 Bust….

Vegetarian  Bust Day 1

Okay so my first day going vegetarian to prep for The Master Cleanse resulted in me frying up bacon at 2am but I can explain!!!

I went vegetarian for about two weeks last year after watching the documentary “Earthlings” and didn’t have too much of a problem. I eat vegetarian a lot without even meaning to. That stint ended when I visited home (Chicago) and went to Portillos and had an Italian beef which let’s be honest, who in their right mind could resist that? Ugh, I want one now. If you don’t know what Portillos is I suggest you order online, they ship all over. (Yes, I have done this) The problem with today was that I didn’t do it properly and eat enough so it resulted in me starving at 2am and I guess only bacon could do. Back to me being a fat kid, I keep bacon stashed in individual portions in bags in my freezer so I will never run out.

Food journal:

  • Two glasses of juice in the morning (I do this every morning its usually orange, apple, or cranberry)
  • Half of a baked potato
  • Raw cherry tomatoes
  • Cucumber sticks
  • Raw mushrooms
  • Pecan blue cheese dip
  • Cheez its (See! I didn’t eat enough so I snacked on junk)
  • BACON, egg, cheddar, potato scramble and natural pita crackers

I will vow to do better these next 4 days!

❤ Shel




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